The Number One Sales Strategy Today

Trust is really all that matters - in business and your personal life.

Last week was the Vice Presidential debate, roughly one month from the election.  Two weeks ago the Presidential debate drew 60 million viewers.  I can’t help but think how many Americans watch in disgust as the candidates hammer each other, personally and politically. 

Politics, in general is a bad role model for building trust in the modern day.  Today, business and sales people need to understand that there is nothing more important than building trust.  Relationship building is one of the most important things you can do to win business and keep customers for life.  If this is true, trust is the cornerstone or foundation of that. 

It was just a few years ago that the financial world came crumbling down around us.  The fundamental problem was dishonesty and unethical people.  Large corporations, full of people that stole millions breached our trust. 

Tiger Woods scandal from 2009 cost him millions in endorsements and left the number one golfer in the world with few fans.  He took advantage of our trust.

In a world where we live day by day protecting our families and trying to get ahead, how does one build trust?  What are the strategies needed to build trustworthy and long lasting relationships? 

Trust is the common theme of success for top sales people.  Let’s look at the foundation of building trust and the keys to success here. 

First and foremost, trust does not happen quickly.  Trust is baby steps that are taken over a period of time that creates a special bond.  Trust is the little things done consistently over a period of time that create solid life-long relationships.

Here are three keys to building trust in business and sales…

1.  Consistency – If trust is based on a lot of little things done over a long period of time, consistency is the key.  Great sales people build trust in their relationships by what they say, do and follow-through with.  They are consistent with what they say they’re going to do and what actually gets done.  It’s about over-communicating and displaying actions in a consistent manner.  Customers don’t like surprises.  Set expectations and over-deliver, always.

2.  Service – There is no better way to establish trust than over-servicing your customers.  What does that mean?  If the customer needs to get a hold of you on a Friday night, they should be able to call your cell and you answer.  It means understanding what your customer’s challenges are and providing solutions to them proactively.  It means referring business to them.  It means when they have a problem, you are all over it.  Even if it goes unsolved, you are communicating every step of the way so they understand what actions are taking place.  It means that you provide so much value to your customer that you make them look like a hero.  That is how to build trust and win a customer for life. 

3. Connection – People like doing business with people they like.  Friendships in business are so valuable.  Asking great questions, really listening to their responses and providing solutions to your customers is imperative.  These are differentiating factors and the bar is set so low in business today, you will really be noticed by putting these practices into reality.  Have empathy and gratitude and great things will come your way.

It is not difficult to start building trust today but it does take work.  It is work that is so well worth it because it will make business more meaningful than before.  More importantly, you will have deeper relationships that will ultimately lead you to more success.

Greg McKinney is a respected sales leader and is nationally know as a speaker, sales coach and consultant.  He believes in helping others and serving the good of humanity.  His phenomenally popular website is a must see for all sales leaders, small business owners and sales professionals.

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