The Heart of the Story

I talk about storytelling a lot when it comes to sales success.  I truly believe that the ability to craft a great story in the sales process is one of your best weapons.
Stories help you connect, convey authenticity, inspire trust and exude passion for what you’re selling.  They lead your customer down a path that makes it easier for them to open up as well.  Stories are the best tool to develop long term relationships.
This point was illustrated in a recent article in the Selling Power blog.  Mike Bosworth, Founder of Solution Selling and CustomerCentric Selling, states that “the very best salespeople communicated in a way that inspired people, but no one knew how to bottle that.”
Through research, Mike’s organization found that success in sales came from building great stories but also from being an empathetic listener.
If some of the top salespeople in the country used storytelling to win more business and develop solid relationships, you would expect it to be taught in college curriculums and sales training programs.  Zip! Zilch! Nada!
Social media has made sharing personal stories more widely accepted these days but sales people generally don’t incorporate stories into their presentations and business meetings.
What makes stories so impactful?
Stories captivate us.
Stories create bonds with others.
Stories make us vulnerable.
Stories create trust.
Stories connect the dots for us.
Stories reach our souls.
How do you learn to be a great storyteller?  How are the top salespeople using stories to create emotional connections with their customers?  Where do you start?
There is a man named Jay O’Callahan and he is a storyteller.  Moreover, he teaches others to be storytellers.
A quote from Jay:
"Storytellers are image-makers and image-jugglers. More precisely, storytellers toss images to listeners who recreate ethos images and send back laughter or lively silence. There is a whirl of energy between the listener and the storyteller."
Check out to learn more about Jay and his work.
Become a student of storytelling and watch your sales increase.  Equally as important, you will have more fun and develop deeper relationships with your customers.
Think of stories that have happened to you in business or your personal life that your customer can relate to.  Where can you incorporate various stories into your conversations?  Be strategic about this process.
What stories can you craft around your business?  How will the stories move the sales process forward?
How will they touch your customer?
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