Living in the Present Day

We wake up.

We are tired.

We shower.

We have breakfast.

We are ready.

We worry.

We drive.

We start work.

We read.

We listen.

We respond.

We e-mail.

We call.

We interpret.

We motivate.

We inspire.

We teach.

We eat lunch.

We sit in silence.

We attend meetings.

We feel overwhelmed.

We organize.

We think about our families.

We check our social media.

We communicate.

We win the big deal.

We feel pride.

We think about the future.

We think about the past.

We learn.

We observe.

We connect.

We drive.

We exercise.

We eat dinner.

We feel energized.

We kiss our families.

We smile.

We laugh.

We help.

We put our kids to sleep.

We love.

We pray.

We close our eyes.

We think.

We worry.

We sleep.

We dream.

We do it again.

Live in the moment instead of getting caught up in the minutia of what happened yesterday and what hasn’t happened in the tomorrow.

What will you do today that will get you closer to your goals tomorrow?

Greg McKinney is a respected sales leader and is nationally know as a speaker, sales coach and consultant.  He believes in helping others and serving the good of humanity.  His phenomenally popular website is a must see for all sales leaders, small business owners and sales professionals.

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