How Do You Differentiate Yourself?

What are the buzzwords of modern day business?  Everyone says you need to differentiate, innovate, captivate, resonate and fascinate to become successful. 

What does that mean and how do you do it?

Before we answer that question, let’s look at a basic example.

I brought my wife’s minivan to the car wash this past weekend.  My three kids were with me at the time.  I pulled up to the automated system, selected the $24 wash which included everything.  I thought the price was reasonable compared to other car washes I had been to in the past.

As I approached the front of the car wash line, a young man asked us to step out of the vehicle so they could take over and do their job.  I gave him some additional instructions based on feedback from my wife. 

The young man directed us to the other side of the building where another employee was grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.  In addition, they had chips, potato salad and drinks, all complimentary while you waited for your car.  Impressive!

There was a kiddy area with toys and a jungle gym to keep them busy while the car was being washed.  It was very clean with hand sanitizer everywhere.  I grabbed a burger and headed inside to a beautiful, clean area with flat screens, air conditioning, up to date magazines and video games.

After the car came through the wash, it went over to the detailing area where they spent a good amount of time cleaning the windows, vacuuming the inside and armor-alling the entire inside of the car.  The employees asked my permission to move car seats, change seat configurations and clean the trunk before proceeding.  They were polite and very thorough. 

Toward the end of the car wash, now about 20 minutes into my visit, another man came out from the offices and did a very detailed quality assurance inspection.  He even got down on his knees inspecting the lower areas of the minivan.  This lasted about 5 minutes and I watched closely at the care he took while reviewing every detail of my car.  It was extremely personalized. 

The entire experience was awesome and I now have an allegiance to this business.  I will recommend them to all my friends as well.

Remember, differentiating your business and yourself is a lot of little detailed things done well.  Collectively, they create the customer experience and that is what will last in the memory of your patrons.

Here are some other ways to differentiate yourself. 

  • Do the opposite of the masses
  •  Connect with your customer’s emotions
  •  Engage your audience to create the experience
  • Become a powerful storyteller
  • Incorporate fun, humor and your personality into your business
  •  Create new ways of thinking and looking at the world
  • Care

Understand your customers and prospects and become a polarizing figure to them. 

How can you incorporate the “wow” in your business?

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