What Your Customers Want Today

It really is about the entire customer experience. 

How do you “wow” your clients today?

That is such an important question because it’s what differentiates you and your business from everyone else.  It’s not difficult but it does require some thought, strategy and planning. 

Begin with an end in mind and determine what it is you want your customer to experience. 

Here are a few examples…

  • Zappos created its entire image and brand on phenomenal service.
  • Southwest Airlines is less expensive, simple and doesn’t charge for the extras.
  • Nike is about the athlete, competing and being the best.
  • Apple is about changing the world.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car picks you up.

In his bestselling book, Platform, author Michael Hyatt talks about some of the criteria that make up a “wow” experience. 

Before we get into them, take a minute to really think of examples in your life where you were completely “wowed.”  This will help you understand the criteria a bit better.

Here is my example…

In 2011, I was taking a big customer to the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  For those that don’t follow golf, the Masters is THE tournament.  Tickets are difficult to come by and can be very expensive.

I purchased two all day passes through the online ticket broker, StubHub.   The night before we left I received a call from StubHub verifying my purchase and making sure that I had the proper directions to pick up the tickets.

The next day when we arrived I walked up to a house where StubHub had set up shop for the week.  We approached the front desk area where two ladies asked for my last name.  After a few minutes of checking in, I had my passes and we were set.  That is when things dramatically changed.

A man approached us, introduced himself and asked if we wanted to come to the back yard where they were having an all day reception.  We walked toward the back and what I saw next was unbelievable.

There were four long tables with the largest buffet spread I had ever seen – chefs, waiters, waitresses - the man offered us a beer and showed us where the cigar humidor was located.  He took the time to show us the buffet which included soups, salads, fruits & veggies, meats, sandwiches and steaks from the grill.

There were huge comfortable recliners, couches, full bar and whatever else you could think of.

I forgot - there were four massage therapists available for appointments after a long day walking the golf course. 

All of this was complimentary because we purchased two passes to the tournament.

The man that had been our tour guide told us to enjoy ourselves and to make ourselves at home. 

Who do you think I’m going to purchase my tickets from for the rest of my life!  I was wowed!

Back to Michael Hyatt’s list of attributes that make up the “wow” experience…

  1. Surprise – expectations were exceeded
  2. Anticipation – you begin to live the experience in advance
  3.  Resonance – it resonates at a deep level inside your being
  4. Transcendence – it connects with you
  5. Clarity – you suddenly “get it”
  6. Presence – the experience creates timelessness - you are in the now.
  7. Universality – everyone experiences it in a similar way
  8. Evangelism – has to be shared
  9. Longevity – you can experience it again and again without getting tired of it
  10.   Privilege – makes you feel proud and you’re happy you are associated with it.

Spend some quality time thinking about how you can create the “wow” experience in your business.  Even the smallest of examples will differentiate you from all the “noise” out there today.

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